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Juicy Vegan Potstickers Plant Based Food
Colour coded flavour dumplings, made from fresh vegetable puree. No colourant or preservaties.

We source the freshest ingredients for our dumplings and potstickers

The ingredients for our fillings are carefully sourced from the local market and butchery. We use fresh vegetable puree to make colourful dumpling wrappers, without using any colourants or preservatives (red: sizzling beef, green: vegan, yellow: prawn). Home Bao products are handmade by a dietitian mom, keeping each bite nutritiously delicious. 

Your order is conveniently packaged and delivered frozen 

to your home. It can go straight from your freezer to your dinner table in under 10 minutes.


Delivering bite-sized happiness to your home

In South Africa, dumplings and potstickers are only accessible to most people at expensive eateries or Asian restaurants. The local Asian supermarket is often a mysterious place to navigate, and finding the right product (unless you can read Mandarin or are good at sign language) can be challenging. And that’s not to mention the amount of time it takes to fold these little pockets of goodness once you’ve managed to hunt down the ingredients.

Spinach puree for juicy vega dumpling wrappers
Beetroot red wrappers made from fresh beetroot puree

Straight from your freezer to your dinner table in under 10 minutes!

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Review by

Daily Maverick

"...Admittedly my 10-year-old son already likes restaurant dim sum. But I’ve been surprised at how excited he was about having a batch in our freezer, insisting on popping dumplings into a pan of simmering water as an afternoon snack, after cricket and tennis respectively, for two days running. On the third evening, we had fun boiling and pan frying assorted dumplings for supper, with stir-fried veggies on the side. A supreme success" - by Kim Maxwell

Read the for full article HERE

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