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Crispy Chicken Bao Meal Kit

Crispy free range chicken smothered in kewpie mayo and kimchi
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Perfect mid-week dinner for 2

A generous serving of the authentic Taiwanese crispy salt & pepper chicken smothered with kewpie mayo and crunchy kimchi. Enjoy an authentic Taiwanese street food at home that is easy to prepare with this innovative meal kit.

This meal kit includes

  • 10 bao
  • 400g free range crispy salt & pepper chicken
  • 50g kewpie mayo
  • 200g Taiwanese-style kimchi

1. REHEAT Crispy chicken in oven or air fryer until golden brown or heat throughout. Once reheated, lightly sprinkle the complimentary spice packet found inside the crispy salt & pepper chicken box.

2. STEAM Fill pot with water until the water mark reaches 2cm tall. Place stainless steel colander in the pot and grease the colander with cooking oil. Place frozen bao buns in the colander and steam on high for 6min. Do it in batches to prevent over stacking the bao buns on top of each other.

3. ASSEMBLE Simply fill the bao with crispy chicken, kewpie mayo and kimchi.


Serving suggestions freshly chopped coriander, grated carrots or cucumber is a great addition to this dish

keep in fridge and cook within 2 days

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