Dumplings (or Jiaozi in Mandarin) is typically made from unleaven dough and rolled into thin circular wrapper skin. It is then used to wrap savory fillings and steamed or boiled to perfection. 

Home Bao dumpling wrapper is freshly made each day and nothing beats the silky and supple wrappers with hearty filling inside.

Our flavours are colour coded by making use of vegetable puree and without any colourant or preservatives. 

Takes under 10 min of cooking time and straight from the freezer.

Our dumpling options include:

Juicy Vegan Dumplings 養生素水餃

30 x Spinach Green Dumplings

Shitake mushrooms, baby marrows and smoked tofu with rich home-made vegetable stock

Original Dumpling 高麗菜豬肉水餃

30 x Orchid White Dumplings

Pork mince with rich bone broth balanced by ginger, spring onions and seasonal vegetables


Ritzy Prawn Dumplings 鮮蝦豬肉水餃

30 x Carrot Yellow Dumplings

Fresh prawns with ground pork and seasonal vegetables, flavoured by ginger, rice wine and oyster sauce


Dumplings can be enjoyed steamed / boiled / pan-fried.

Potstickers are the pan-fried version and it is fold differently to dumplings. The result is a crispy bottom and best enjoyed with Home Bao flavour pack.

Our potstickers options include:

Original Potstickers 高麗菜豬肉煎餃

20 x Orchid White 

Shoulder pork mince with rich bonebroth balanced by ginger, spring onions and seasonal vegetables

Juicy Vegan Potstickers 養生素煎餃

20 x Spinach Green 

Shitake mushrooms, baby marrows and smoked tofu flavoured with rich home-made vegetable stock 


Ritzy Prawn Potstickers 鮮蝦豬肉煎餃

20 x Carrot Yellow Potstickers

Fresh prawns with ground pork and seasonal vegetables, flavoured by ginger, rice wine and oyster sauce

Sizzling Beef Potstickers 牛肉起司煎餃

20 x Beetroot Red Potstickers

Ground beef mince marinated to perfection with extra dose of cheese

Taster Box

Never tried Home Bao before?

Let us introduce "bite-size happiness" to you by getting you started with Home Bao taster box. It has 5 dumplings/potstickers of each flavour and it's a great way to have a taste of everything.

Potsticker Taster Box 綜合煎餃

20 Assorted Potstickers 

5 x Original 

5x Juicy Vegan

5 x Ritzy Prawn

5 x Sizzling Beef 

Dumpling Taster Box 綜合水餃

15 Assorted Dumplings

5 x Original

5 x Juicy Vegan

5 x Ritzy Prawn 

Our goal is to bring great Asian food from our home to yours, because nothing is better than good food enjoyed with family.


Mondays to Fridays: 9am to 5pm 

Saturdays & Sundays: Closed



Standard delivery is R40 per order.

Delivery is free for orders above R400.


10am to 5pm (We do our best to accommodate any requests for specific delivery times, but this isn't always possible.)


Stellenbosch, Paarl, Somerset West, Muizenberg, Kalk Bay, Fish Hoek. (Please opt for the ONE-DAY DELIVERY option.)


Collection is free from our store in Salt River, Cape Town. Orders are ready within 30 minutes.

For more info, visit the 

Delivery/Collection page.

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1. Are you available nationwide? 

Home Bao's kitchen is in Cape Town, however our products are now also available in Johannesburg and Pretoria. For Gauteng orders, visit WUNDERCOOK.

2. How long can I keep the dumplings in my freezer? 

Just because our dumplings are frozen, doesn't mean that they are any less fresh or healthy. We suggest you eat them within 4 weeks (if you can resist them for that long!).

3. Do I need to defrost my dumplings? 

There's no need to (actually, please don't). They should go straight from the freezer to the pan or pot. 

4. Do you cater for events and special occasions?

Yes, but we need a minimum of 2 weeks' notice. 

5. Do the dumplings contain any allergens? 

Potential allergens are dairy, gluten, nuts, soya, egg and wheat. 

All locally produced HOME BAO products are free of MSG, colourants and preservatives.(Imported products may contain these ingredients.)